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Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

Dr. Anthony Owusu is a distinguished spine surgeon with a wealth of experience and a passion for advancing spinal care. He completed his medical education journey at reputable institutions, including the Medical College of Virginia and Howard University College of Medicine. Dr. Owusu’s dedication to excellence was evident throughout his training, culminating in his role as Chief Orthopedic Surgery Resident during his residency.

His expertise extends beyond clinical practice, as evidenced by his involvement in various research projects and internships. Notably, he participated in the Uganda Spine Surgery Mission, where he provided crucial spinal care to patients in need.

Throughout his career, Dr. Owusu has been actively engaged in research, exploring topics ranging from lumbar disc arthroplasty to nerve repair techniques. His contributions to the field have been recognized through presentations at esteemed conferences and publications in reputable journals.

Dr. Owusu’s dedication to his profession is further underscored by his involvement in medical organizations and academic pursuits. He has held leadership positions in several medical societies and received numerous awards and scholarships for his academic achievements and contributions to medicine.

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