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Minivasive Doctors

Learn more about the doctor specialities of Minivasive Pain & Orthopedics:

Interventional Pain Management

General pain physicians focus on the diagnosis and management of chronic neck or back pain. However, with Minivasive, we offer an interdisciplinary approach to both your chronic and acute pain examination. For example, this includes evaluating the effects your pain has on your full body condition. Following treatment, our doctors work with the goal of getting you back to the joys of your daily life.

Orthopedic Extremity Doctors

Our highly skilled extremity doctors evaluate and treat a wide variety of shoulder, hand, and wrist injuries/conditions. If surgery of the hand or upper/lower extremity becomes necessary, our surgeons have the experience to repair even the most difficult injuries by utilizing an integrated approach. As a result, you’ll experience a speedy recovery.

Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

The anatomical structure of the foot is constructed of a complex network of bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. As a result of the physical demands of being on our feet, it is natural to have foot or ankle problems at some point. When these problems arise and keep you from your daily activities, it is time to see a foot and ankle doctor. Above all, your doctor can help get you back to the joys of your life.

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