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The Risks of Putting Off Joint Replacement Surgery

It’s very common to be nervous or wary about major surgery, especially when the surgery involves a recovery that may be lengthy or painful. It can be easy to simply shrug off your pain until the problem becomes really serious. However, when your physician recommends joint replacement, they are doing so because they know it will improve your quality of life, and because they know that the alternative–living with a deteriorated joint–can cause lasting trouble down the road. Continue reading to learn more about the risks of putting off joint replacement surgery.


Joint Deterioration

Perhaps the most clear-cut side effect of delaying joint replacement surgery is continued joint deterioration. This can cause a deformity which makes surgery more difficult and strenuous, with a longer recovery period. Joint deterioration can also cause trouble with your mobility, and make it more painful to live your day to day life.


Compensatory Issues

When you rely on other parts of your body to help relieve your pain caused by a bad joint, you run the risk of developing one or more compensatory complications in other areas, such as back pain or other joint pain. For example, if you walk with a limp to avoid knee pain, it’s likely you’ll develop problems in your other knee or in your shoulder if you leave it untreated.


Joint Stiffness

If you’re experiencing joint deterioration and choose to put off replacement surgery, you’re risking dealing with joint stiffness for the rest of your life. If you have limited range of motion in your joint, you aren’t using the tendons, ligaments and muscles the way they were meant to be used. If they sit unused, they can contract, causing permanent joint stiffness. And because the prognosis of your mobility following surgery is directly related to your mobility prior to surgery, you could be facing chronic mobility struggles if you delay your joint replacement surgery.


Other Health Problems

If you leave a troubled joint untreated, you have a much greater chance of developing other health problems due to the increasing sedentary lifestyle you’ll have to live based on your lack of motion. This can lead to weight gain, cardiac problems or pulmonary issues. Unfortunately, as you can see, mobility issues can domino into a slew of other health conditions if left untreated.


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