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Brain Tumor Resection

Resection in this context is simply a term describing the removal of a tumor in the brain. The challenge of brain tumor surgery is removing as much of the tumor as possible without damaging or risking normal brain tissue, which demands skill and experience, as well as advanced technology and a well-orchestrated team.

Whether your tumor is benign or malignant, surgery is usually the preferred first step in treatment. Surgery might be recommended to:

  • Remove/destroy as much tumor as possible
  • Relieve seizures (due to a brain tumor) that are difficult to control
  • Provide a tumor tissue sample for an accurate diagnosis and for genomic testing
  • Remove at least part of the tumor to relieve pressure inside the skull (intracranial pressure), or to reduce the amount of tumor to be treated with radiation or chemotherapy
  • Enable direct access for chemotherapy, radiation implants or genetic treatment of malignant tumors

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