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VISCOSUPPLEMENTATION FOR KNEE ARTHRITIS Joint Injections A joint injection is an outpatient procedure that is used to treat inflamed joints. The injection can be used to treat conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, gout, tendinitis, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and osteoarthritis. During the procedure, the patient will lie on the procedure table while an assistant sterilizes that area where the injection will be. The area will then be numbed with a local anesthesia or cold spray. The...

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VERTIFLEX SUPERION Vertiflex Superion The Vertiflex Superion implant offers patients suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis a minimally invasive alternative to other, more intense surgical options, such as a laminectomy or spinal fusion. The implant is placed between the posterior aspects of the spine. It prevents extension of the spine while still allowing flexion. The benefit of that is, flexion of the spine opens the spaces and allows the pain to be resolved, whereas extension of the spine compresses, and...

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TRIGGER POINT INJECTIONS Muscle Injections Intramuscular injections are the injections of a substance directly into muscle. This is done so the medication absorbs into the bloodstream rapidly. Intramuscular injections are typically used to deliver drugs and vaccines. PIRIFORMIS INJECTION A piriformis injection is an injection of a long-lasting steroid into the piriformis muscle of your buttock. This steroid medication injected will help reduce the inflammation and/or swelling around the nerves that pass near or...

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TRIGEMINAL NERVE INJECTION Nerve Blocks & Injections Nerves in the body called a plexus or ganglions, can cause pain. This pain can be “turned off” by using a specific type of injection that blocks the pain signals from reaching the brain and this is known as a nerve block. Nerve block injections are very common and are used to treat chronic pain when medications or other treatments prove to be ineffective or cause negative side effects. They allow for a damaged nerve proper time to heal, provide temporary...

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